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Dynamics 365 opens the door to more intelligence and more innovation

With Dynamics 365, businesses can expand their top line with new business areas or optimise their own business processes. This can be done by analysing existing production data or by gathering new data during production, using sensors connected to existing machinery. Data and the subsequent data analysis can help with optimising machinery service intervals to avoid a halt in production, for example.

Businesses can also develop new services for their customers with the help of extra sensors. One example might be a refrigerated case with a sensor that can tell when the temperature inside is not in accordance with food storage regulations. Sensor data is sent directly to an ERP system, which can then, for example, send an email to notify you of the need for a refrigeration technician to service the faulty freezer or refrigerator.

A surprising number of industries and companies sell the exact same products, with pricing and customer service being the only differentiators. But with IoT, you can relatively easily acquire data that can be delivered as a service, providing extra value for the customers.

  • If you produce robots, you can easily send customers automated notices to let them know when a robotic arm has lifted X kilogrammes or X times, and should therefore be replaced — before it actually breaks.

  • If you work in the local government's environmental division, automated notices about when the water level is expected to rise are valuable, allowing you to inform citizens well ahead of time, before their basements and living rooms are flooded.

  • If you sell office supplies, uniforms, and cleaning supplies, you can expand the range of services you provide to include sensors that measure noise levels, humidity, and temperature in each room. This can not only result in energy savings, but also prevent decreased productivity due to a poor indoor climate.

  • Which toilets at the Roskilde Festival need emptying? Sensors can tell you that, too. Anyone can understand the value of proper toilet conditions at a week-long music festival.

Linking IoT with your business system makes it possible to get things talking to each other and with those who need to take action: technicians, environmental services, operations personnel, etc.

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